Month: December 2012

  • Did Guns Cause Jovan Belcher Shooting?

    It is a horrible tragedy that KC Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself with a gun. It seems that this tragedy is igniting the old debate about gun laws. For example, Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports columnist, referred to the NRA as the new KKK (link). Also, Piers Morgan is attacking gun laws on his Twitter:

    In your opinion, would Jovan Belcher have killed his girlfriend if he didn’t own a gun? 

    Also, if guns were completely outlawed, do you think Belcher would have observed those laws, or would he have somehow found a gun anyways? 
  • Is Obama Still a “Messiah”?

    1) Newsweek editor Evan Thomas once called Obama “a sort of God”. Chris Matthews from MSNBC was quick to agree:

    2) Check out Newsweek’s sarcastic cover about Obama titled “God of All Things”
    3) Artist Michael D’Antuono’s recent painting titled “The Truth” features Obama with his arms outstretched and wearing a crown of thorns upon his head:

    4) The leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan once called Obama “The Messiah” (Link). 
    5) Comedian Jamie Foxx recently called Obama his “Lord and Savior” (Link).  
    6) Film maker Spike Lee once compared Obama to Jesus saying that after the election, history will remember this time as “B.B.” (before Barack) and “A.B.” (after Barack) (Link).
    7) Author Mark F. Bozzuti-Jones wrote of Obama “And the child they had was given the name That One, the Blessing, the One who Confronts and wins the victory: Barack Hussein Obama, a Blessing for all peoples” (Link)
    8) Several celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg and Dave Stewart referred to Obama as an “American Prayer” in an original song (Link). 
    9) Singer MAKADEM wrote a song called “Obama be thy name – Thy will be done” (Link). 
    10) Some mainstream magazines have pictured Obama surrounded by radiant light and even halos:
    In your view, do people place too much hope in politicians? If so, can this set them up for disappointment?