December 4, 2012

  • Did Guns Cause Jovan Belcher Shooting?

    It is a horrible tragedy that KC Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then himself with a gun. It seems that this tragedy is igniting the old debate about gun laws. For example, Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports columnist, referred to the NRA as the new KKK (link). Also, Piers Morgan is attacking gun laws on his Twitter:

    In your opinion, would Jovan Belcher have killed his girlfriend if he didn’t own a gun? 

    Also, if guns were completely outlawed, do you think Belcher would have observed those laws, or would he have somehow found a gun anyways? 

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  • A sick person took the life of another and then himself.  It is always a shame when someone dies and the instrument of the killing can vary to what was/is at hand.

    I live in Costa Rica where guns are controlled similar to the states, but since there is a heavy tax on these types of items and so many are poor here, you simply read in the papers, AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, about how some sick bastard took a machete to his wife or girlfriend.  Everyone has a machete here.  I own 4 myself, but of course being a good American I also have 43 guns.  Well secured of course.

    The guy was ill and a spoiled child.  Not spoiled only by money, but by the fact that since he was a sports star.  As with many sport-stars their whole adult life they are pampered.  This means many fail to develop the skills necessary to deal with situations where they do not get what they want, when they want it.

    Just my take anyway, but what do I know, I live at the edge of where Heaven and Earth meet.

    Good thoughts,

  • @AMIGOS_WE_THREE - Good thoughts! It seems to me that some people believe that war didn’t exist prior to guns. If only it were that easy! I agree that this guy was spoiled. I also think that the alcohol mixed with pain meds made him even crazier! 

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