Month: November 2013

  • Xanga is great. At making up excuses…

    Dear Xanga,

    It has been several months, and still no Xanga front page. Xanga has always been about community, and without a front page, there is a severe absence of any sort of community. The front page right now is so ugly that I could create a more visually attractive front page in 5 minutes – using Microsoft Word. This slowness is absolutely ridiculous, insulting and unacceptable to all of us who supported Xanga with time and money. This slowness is one major reason why Xanga is in this mess to begin with. I’ve been defending Xanga for a long time, but I’m not about to defend the length of time it has taken to make Xanga’s front page into something that isn’t butt-ugly. Dear Xanga, stop with excuses, and start doing your damn jobs.