January 29, 2013

  • Living in China

    The Good

    I’ve been living in China for about a month now. It’s been good so far. It’s fun seeing new things, meeting new people, living with my brother’s family and experiencing the night life a bit. I’ve already made some great friends, and don’t have a lot of bored time. The Chinese people have been friendly overall, and there is definitely less violence here than in Chicagoland. It is nice to feel safe walking the streets, even at night. Overall, I am a pretty happy guy. 

    The Bad
    It’s very difficult getting used to commanding a group of kindergarteners for my basketball coaching job. It makes it especially more difficult that they can’t speak English very well, and it is for 1.5 hours per coaching session. I’m not inherently a commanding, authoritative speaker. Far from it. That being said, I have had great feedback as an assistant coach from my boss. What else is difficult in China? Well, I terribly miss my parents, my family and my other friends. Not to mention some of my favorite stores such as Whole Foods, Fruitful Yield and Chipotle.
    The Ugly

    At my old age, I’m not sure I’ll ever get married. It’s not a complaint – It’s just a possibility that I know exists. Still, I want to improve my ugly dating life. For me, it’s more about simply allowing my natural feelings to come out. If I feel attracted to a woman, which happens a lot in China, sometimes I try and stifle or redirect those feelings, rather than letting them out naturally. Love is natural. I need to “let it flow” more, even if it isn’t necessarily romantic love. This begins by surrounding myself with friends, and it concludes with the life-giving, incredibly natural, definitely essential, very human words, “I love you”.

    I’m very glad I came to China. I think that living in another country/culture really opens up your mind to how people live. There are difficulties and adventures both ahead and behind. I just need to take a deep breath and learn to embrace this beautiful gift called life.

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  • Oh wow you’re in China! How long are you there for? Please enjoy!

    And you’re not old Pete. I think we should be around the same age. You are not old! You will find that special someone. I know it’s cliche, but you will. If anything, it won’t be due to your “old” age that you’re single. 
    Stay safe!

  • I hope you got to go see the Formula 1 race. I did not realize that we have been sharing thoughts for almost 7 years now………dang, you are getting old!!

    Enjoy China. Keep posting about your experiences please.

  • @decipherme1 - Thanks :)  Yeah it’s fun here. Are you Chinese?

    @AMIGOS_WE_THREE - It’s been great getting to know you! It looks like Xanga will close its doors on July 15 though, unless enough people contribute to the $60,000 goal. I hope we get there!

  • No, I’m Korean! Have fun!!!!

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